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About Us

About Us

The Mount Carmel School at Jindwari is run by the Carmelite Charitable Society registered as a religious and charitable Society vide no. 337 of 1980-81 and act XXI of 1980 and amendment of Punjab amendment acts 1957. This society is organising various charitable works, especially in the field of education . It is a minority educational institution covered under article 30 of the constitution of India.

This society is engaged in education field to spread out the light of knowledge in the darkened world and to enlighten the young mind to light a lamp wherever they are. The school is emphasizing moral values which will mould the young minds to maturity. Keeping this end in view society conducts a number of schools –primary, high schools and higher secondary level in English Medium in Punjab , Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. The society has these primary centres not only in cities but also in the remote villages of our nation where educational right of people are neglected which is possible only if ALL CITIZENS are freed from , bondages of ignorances.

Governing Body

For the General Administration and the smooth functioning of our educational and social service institutions, a governing body has been constituted. All the educational, managerial and administrative policies are passed and promulgated by this body in consultation with the chairman and members of this body.

Sister's Collaboration and Service

The Sisters of the Congregation of SCJM help the society to run the institution at UNA.

Provincial and Councillors

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